1. Urban Science’s B-day!

    Date 09 Oct 2017
    Last week was the 3 year anniversary of Urban Science! Everyone showed up at Bootlegger to celebrate the ongoing project!  I was happy to document the event for the special occasion. Here are some of my favourite shots from the evening. Enjoy! 

  2. Poisson Blanc

    Date 25 Sep 2017
    In the midst of the few remaining days of summer, my friend and I decided to go camping. To make things even more exciting, we decided to do Canoe-Camping, which is officially my favourite kind of camping. We were lucky enough to find a spot at Poisson Blanc. If your…

  3. MUTEK MTL 2017

    Date 14 Sep 2017
    Here are some shots from #MutekMtl2017 covered for Quip Mag (Click on the link for the article) Personal Fav: NAAFI Collective - Coming to you from Mexico City’s underground and alternative scene, featuring a group of latin american artists of various background that offer a contemporary mix of sounds yet remaining loyal…


    Date 04 Sep 2017
    After the Froots got the crowd ready, PRINCESS NOKIA showed up at Club Soda. Accompanied by Gayance, she kicked off her show with Tomboy followed by Kitana and needless to say, the crowd lost it. Always making space for women to come in front and create a safe space for all individuals.  To be…

  5. Strange Froots take over Club Soda!

    Date 03 Sep 2017
    Last Monday Strange Froots took over Club Soda, it was magic.  Acompanied by Ameena, Hua Li 化力, Gayance, Lucas Charlie Rose & Tshizimba, they got the crowd hyped for Princess Nokia. Gratefull  to witness these powerful artists and also gratefull for  to document their evening behind the scenes and on stage here are some of my favorite…

  6. Behind the Scenes : You Arrive

    Date 02 Sep 2017
    A couple of weeks ago I got the chance to work on a movie set (one of my favourite kind of projects) to document the process of the film. It isn’t until I started working on BTS projects that I realized how complex cinematography can be and how important it…

  7. México Mágico

    Date 09 Apr 2017
    Over the month of February, I spent a few weeks in Mexico and it was a great and necessary trip. Walking around the streets of these small towns in the regions of Tlayacapan, Morelos and Oaxaca, I took a few images along the way attempting to capture it’s traditional and cultural richness and…

  8. Cyphering

    Date 07 Feb 2017
    Shots from last week’s cypher by Urban Science!

  9. Take Over: Rayana Speede

    Date 04 Feb 2017
    Wholeness :  Not everyone loves like you  In fullness, in truth,  Understanding beyond the current situation  that there is more than what meets the eye  Do not be afraid of being too much  Let your laugh break through the sky and soak the clouds  Share your mind, there is room…

  10. Photoshoot with Sorry Girls

    Date 20 Jan 2017
    Recently collaborated with Quip Mag for an interview they did with Sorry Girls. The band is formed  in early 2016 by a duo from Montreal consisting of singer/songwriter Heather Kirkpatrick and Producer/songwriter Dylan Konrad Obront. Heavily influenced by early spooky ethereal 80s pop. Headed to their apartment  on a cloudy Friday morning to get some visuals…

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