Poisson Blanc

In the midst of the few remaining days of summer, my friend and I decided to go camping. To make things even more exciting, we decided to do Canoe-Camping, which is officially my favourite kind of camping. We were lucky enough to find a spot at Poisson Blanc. If your wondering why this place was so amazing, well that’s simple, we had our own island, also mosquito season was over so it was great! 

Drove for two and a half hours and finally got to the site, with no more cell reception, things were good. Once we got registered and packed the canoe, we were good to go. What should of taken us 2hrs of paddling, took us about 3hrs, first of all because my friend couldn’t get the gist of paddling (LOL, I’m so going to hear about this as soon as I hit that publish button!) I’m kidding, it was actually because of the weather conditions, a fair amount of wind, strong currents and light rain made it a bit harder for us to get to our island, I was a bit worried for the canoe to flip due to my gear but aside from that, even the rough waters were fun. Our hermit tendencies were the perfect motivation to keep going. At some point we took refuge behind an island and enjoyed calmer waters and finally got to the island around 6pm rushing to set camp before sunset and get a fire started. 

The following day was all about canoeing and site exploration, We were pretty lucky to find a few beaches and hiking sites. Being surrounded by such calm and beautiful landscapes was epic. Also, weather was just perfect. If it were up to me, I’d just stay there, at least for a while, all I was missing was Wilson :P Hope you enjoy the images!

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